The Integrity of Creationism

Creationists, in general, like to point out that speciation has never occurred, they do this by pointing out that no one has ever seen a crock-a-duck or a dog change into a swan or a fox morph into mosquito! However, by framing speciation in the context of biblical kinds, it is the creationists who are making the straw man argument. No scientist familiar with evolutionary theory would ever claim such a thing is possible, in fact, evolutionary theory and common descent would actually argue against it happening.

Creationists, when speaking in public, in churches or on blogs, try to make it appear that scientists are lying about speciation, yet their audience (the general public), rarely has sufficient scientific background to realize that the definition of speciation being attacked is not the speciation of evolutionary science, but rather a hybrid or chimera of evolutionary terminology blended with creationist theology.

Above all else, this truly irritates me about the creationist movement. They are perfectly aware that the scientific community does not support the idea of speciation as morphing between “Biblical kinds”, yet they persist in using that “criteria” to prove speciation has never happened, relying on the fact that their audience isn’t aware of the deception.

From my perspective, that is just being outright dishonest and deceitful. It’s as though the ends justify the means (the deception is justified, ’cause in the end we can bring em to Jesus and save their souls, or at least bring them into the creationist camp).

I have many born-again Christian friends and acquaintances. I enjoy discussing both science and theology with them. The conversations are challenging and in many cases eye-opening on both sides because both sides have integrity and are honest both about what they know and what they don’t know. I have found very few in the creationist camp who I could honestly describe the same way.


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