Bishop Eddie Long Accused of Molesting Young Men

US bishop Eddie Long alleged victim speaks

Well, here we co again. Yet another anti-gay preacher of the Holy Gospel accused of molesting young men. What amazes me in the video is the Church of thousands jumping up and down, clapping and cheering for a man who has just been accused of molesting young men.

They seem to have no concern for the accusations, no idea that if true, this is hardly the man you want to follow as your spiritual advisor. This happens over and over again, and people just amaze me with their naiveté and gullibility. When will we wake up and smell the roses...come on people!

Even if the pastor is ultimately found innocent, these types of accusations, I would think, require a least a modicum of restraint. I would certainly be distancing myself from the pastor until I had more facts. But in contrast, these wild crowds of people in the church seem totally oblivious to what has just happened.


November 23, 2010 at 10:38 PM Dee said...

Hi Karl
I hope I am now posted as a follower. This story upset us over at the Wartburg and I am glad that you are sounding the alarm on shysters who use the church for their own disgusting activities.

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